Wanna Go For a Walk?

Dog Walking & Visits

Is it too cold in the winter for walks?

We understand that many people do not like going outside during the winter months.   We also get that many people go to work when it's dark and come home  when it's dark, not giving them a lot of time to get their fur baby out  for some exercise and some fun.  Luckily for pet parents we LOVE walking in the winter months and believe me it makes a world of difference to your dog and his health to remain active during the long Nebraska winters.  

Your Fur kid is our number #1 priority. If there is a weather advisory we can come over for a potty and play break.

 If your fur kid must walk we use a 100% natural wax blend offers  non-toxic protection from hot pavement and irritating sand and helps  prevent ice and snow from sticking to your dog’s paws.

Will more than one person be walking my dog?

We hire pet specialists for a specific service area, we try to have at least 2 pet specialists assigned to our clients.  This way if one can't make it,  calls in sick, etc there is always a backup and we will never leave you  hanging.

Why do I have to schedule twice a week to be guaranteed a spot.

Due to the high demand of dog walking I have to be prepared and have  enough walkers available each day in order to make sure everyone is  taken care of.  Sporadic scheduling makes this goal nearly impossible to  do.

How long with you be at my house?

Our time starts when we enter your home and ends when we leave your  house.  We make the most out of our 25 minutes by securely leashing up  your dog and then getting on our way so your dog can spend at least  22-20 minutes walking

How does GPS tracking work?

When you receive your email update you can go in to Time To Pet under  the conversations tab and you will see a blue button that says  "details", click on the button and it will show you a map of where we  walked, where and when we started and ended our visit.

Why won't we use a retractable lesh?

Simply put, we can't have a Kung Fu Grip on the leash.  It is HBHs  policy to thread the handle of the leash through our hand and then wrap  the leash around our wrist.  We never ever want to lose our grip on a  leash and have a dog get loose, I'd have to close up shop!

Dog Walking and Visits

If I cancel, will I be charged?

We understand things come up so there is no cancellation charge if you  cancel a walk prior to us arriving at your home.  However, if you forget  to cancel a walk and we are already on our way to your home or we are  there you will be charged for that walk.

What about the weather, do we walk all year?

Yes we walk year round!  If the weather is dangerously hot or  dangerously cold we will shorten our walks and play inside with plenty  of opportunities for potty breaks.

How do I know if my pet will be safe in your care?

We are extremely cautious and try to be as proactive as we can

  • We have a checklist that we follow at each visit to make sure we are following all company policies
  • We carry extra leashes on our bodies at all times, along with a Hands Free Belt with a Carabiner Clip for extra security
  • We would absolutely 100% feel terrible and probably have to close up shop if something should ever happen to one of our hounds

What if I don't want to walk my dog and only a potty break?

If you don't want your dog walked you can always  reserve a Play & Potty Break which is 15 minutes and less expensive or if  your dog loves to play fetch or just craves human companionship.

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes we are both insured commercially and bonded  and we have been in business since 2000. In addition to the 16 plus  years of walking we have dog behavior manuals and safety training videos  to make sure your home and fur baby are safe and sound.

Are you going to notify me when my dog is walked?

Yes!  Each client receives an email update in Time  To Pet and you will receive a notification via email when we have  completed our walk.  You will get a note, cute picture and a GPS route  of where we walked.

Dog Walking & Visits

My dog loves to jog, do you provide dog running?

We can power walk your fur kid which is like a  slow jog in many cases but at this time we don't provide hard core  running during the day

What if I need dog walking on the weekends?

We try and keep all dog walking between the hours  of 10am and 3pm Monday-Friday.  We may be able to provide occasional  walking outside these hours, it just depends on the circumstances and  our availability.

I have 2 dogs, is it the same rate?

Yes!  Our dog walking rates are $20 a walk no matter if you have 1 dog or 3 dogs.

Do I need to provide poop bags?

We supply the poop bags!  Also in Time To Pet you  will let us know where you want us to leave the used bags at the end of  our walk.

The Much Needed Puppy Visits


How long can my puppy go without a potty break?

Generally speaking, a puppy can control their bladder one hour for every month of age. So if your puppy is two months old, they can hold it for  about two hours. Don't go longer than this between bathroom breaks or  they're guaranteed to have an accident.  Your goal is to get your new  puppy house trained as quickly as possible.

Is it safe to leave my puppy alone all day when I am at work?

Leaving your new family member free to roam and  unsupervised in your home while you are at work is not a good idea for  obvious reasons.  Crate training is the only option new pet parents  have.  If you make your puppies crate a positive place to be from the  start, potty training and leaving your puppy will be much easier.

How can I help my pup with seperation anxiety?

You can leave music or a TV on, leave a t-shirt that smells like you in  the crate and always associate the crate as a good thing by giving your  pup lots of treats when he goes in his kennel and praise him

How many visits a day does my puppy need?

This totally depends on how long you are gone and  your comfort level leaving your new fur baby.  We recommend for puppies  under 12 weeks, two visits a day if you are gone more than 8 hours a  day.  As puppies get older and their bladders develop then when they are  between 4-6 months old you can probably get away with one long visit  during the day.

When can my puppy take walks?

Some vets will say not until your puppy has had  all of his shots, others will say at 8 weeks.  Check with your vet and  get her recommendation.

What can I put in my puppy's crate that is safe when I am away?

It is better to be safe then sorry so any toys  they can rip apart and swallow is a bad idea.  No rawhides that can get  stuck in their throat.  We recommend a puppy kong with some of their  kibble and peanut butter in it but frozen so it takes them longer to eat  and occupies them at the same time.  Click here for a great article for new puppy care and crate training