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Pet Sitting

Unmatched In-Home Pet Sitting Services by Housebound Hounds

At Housebound Hounds, we specialize in delivering a premium in-home pet sitting experience tailored to the unique needs of your beloved pets. Recognizing that your pets are cherished family members, we go the extra mile to provide them with the highest level of care and attention in the comfort of their own home.

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What our In-Home Pet Sitting Package Includes:
  • Each visit lasts 25 minutes, ample time for exercise, play, and companionship.
  • Daily activity logs, including eating, playtime, and any notable behavior.
  • Customized play and feeding schedules to maintain your pet's routine.
  • Capability to accommodate multiple pets from the same household.
  • Specialized care for pets with medical needs, including medication administration.
  • Home security checks, including mail retrieval and plant watering, for added peace of mind.
  • Emergency vet visit guarantee, ensuring prompt medical attention if needed.

Affordable Pet Sitting Rates

Starting at just

$29per visit

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we offer value-packed services that don't compromise on quality.

Choose Housebound Hounds: Where Your Pets Feel At Home

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No More Worries: Reliable Pet Care, Guaranteed

Life's uncertainties shouldn't compromise your pet's well-being. Our foolproof system ensures that a qualified pet sitter is always available to care for your pets. If your regular sitter can't make it, our standby team is prepared to step in, ensuring your pets continue to receive the love and attention they deserve.

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Safety is Our Priority: Meet Our Professional Pet Care Specialists

Our team of Pet Care Specialists undergo rigorous background checks and extensive training to ensure the highest safety standards. These include:

  • Maintaining a secure environment within your home.
  • Vigilantly avoiding potential hazards such as open doors or harmful substances.
  • Ensuring your home is secure (locked and alarm armed) when we leave, for your peace of mind.

All-Inclusive Pet Care Packages

Our comprehensive pet sitting package is designed to maintain your pet's regular routine, thereby promoting their emotional and physical well-being. The package includes walks, playtime, feeding, and medication administration, as needed. To keep you informed, we offer detailed activity reports, complete with brief notes, report cards, and photo updates.

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Value-Added Services at Affordable Rates

Starting at just $29 per visit, our in-home pet sitting services offer exceptional value for your investment. We provide flexible scheduling options to accommodate Early Morning, Evening, Weekend, Weekday, and Holiday visits. Each visit lasts 25 minutes, giving your pets ample time for exercise, play, and companionship.

concierge services

Comprehensive Concierge Services for Your Home

While we specialize in taking care of your four-legged family members, we also offer a range of concierge services to ensure your home is well-maintained in your absence. Our team is committed to providing a holistic approach to pet and home care.

Why Choose Housebound Hounds instead of boarding kennels?

  1. Familiar Environment: Dogs are creatures of habit and can become stressed when their routine is disrupted. Being able to stay in their own home, sleep in their own bed, and play with their own toys can significantly reduce stress and anxiety.
  2. One-on-One Attention: Unlike kennels, where multiple dogs are looked after by a few staff, Housebound Hounds services offer personalized care for your pet.
  3. Customized Routine: Your dog's daily routine can be tailored to its needs, including feeding times, walks, and playtime.
  4. No Exposure to Illness: Being at home reduces the risk of your dog contracting illnesses that can spread in kennels.

Frequently asked questions about Housebound Hounds In-Home Pet Sitting

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page for more information.