Meet the Team


Ross is one of the proud owners of Housebound Hounds. He is born and raised in Nebraska, but also called Portland his home for nearly six years.  He brings with him almost a decade of business experience from a variety of different industries, and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management.  He grew up around animals and developed a massive spot in his heart at a young age dedicated to caring and spending as much time as possible with them.  His passion for animals, the outdoors, and his business background pair perfectly for providing the best possible experience and service for both our clients and their fur kids.  That is what our Housebound Hounds family stands for, strives for, and is our overall mission.


Shawn is one of the proud owners of Housebound Hounds.  He is a native Nebraskan, a huge sports fan and loves his pups named Dexter (they are bro's) and Dixie.  Shawn brings 25+ years of business and legal experience in various industries to the HBH.  He has too many degrees to mention, but his wife is proud of the fact that people call him the "pup whisperer."


Anna is one of the proud owners of Housebound Hounds.  She grew up in Omaha and is passionate about supporting local businesses, family, the environment and most importantly, her fur babies.  She has a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems with specialties in leadership and security.  She supports our technology solutions and co-leads our strategic business development.  Prior to her professional career, she was a pet sitter for many families and understands the importance of trusted pet care. As a pet-parent, she also understands that not all pets are the same as each has individual personalities with different needs. Building relationships with our fur friends and caring for your pets without worry is top priority.  Oh, and she makes awesome organic dog treats so get ready! 


Hi there, my name is Kayla and I have been a dog  walker for 18 years!  I am also a mom to 3 children and 4 fur kids.  I  have suffered from obsessive dog disorder since I was a kid but it  wasn't until 1996 when I learned about dog walking as a career that I  knew what I was suppose to do with my love for dogs and my passion for  walking.  I am originally from Omaha but lived in Kansas, Florida and  Virginia while my husband served in the Air Force.  I have a degree in  Biology from Creighton University but after working for years in a lab  setting and as a data analyst I decided to stay home with my kids and  walk dogs part-time.  I can't imagine  doing anything else, I'm addicted to dogs and walking.  Thank you for  trusting us with your babies, they are in excellent hands.


Sue has been with Housebound Hounds since 2012,  she is a ROCK STAR.  Sue is genuine to the core, never compromising her  values and I have always said "I wish I could clone her."  I am  extremely lucky to have her be part of the HBH team!  She is originally  from Kansas City and is a licensed vet tech who volunteers her skills  each week at the Nebraska Humane Society.  She also fosters pregnant  cats at her home and takes care of the kittens until they are ready for  adoption. Sue is married, has two boys and two fur kids. When I think of  the word INTEGRITY I think of Sue automatically!


 Michelle has been with us  since 2014 and she has more energy in her little finger then most people  have in their entire bodies.  I have never seen Michelle without a  smile on her face, even in the less then ideal circumstances.   Michelle's background is in finance but has always had a soft spot for  older dogs in need of a good home.  She is involved in the Nebraska  Dachshund Rescue and German Shepherd Rescue here in Nebraska.  Michelle  has four kids and 3 fur kids, 2 guinea pigs and 2 chickens.

​ I  tell Michelle often that if I was stranded on a desert island and had to  take only one thing with me, it would be her, she could make a hut,  hunt and gather food and do it all with a smile on her face looking at  the bright side of things!


Susan is a mother of three, twin girls and a son and a proud owner of a  very rambunctious Dachshund and a sassy chihuahua. Susan has owned many  wonderful dogs over the years all of which were adopted from the humane  society, she feels like they all adopted her and her family!
​ After  working nearly 25 years at Nebraska Furniture Mart she felt it was time  for a new adventure and get outdoors! She lives right here in Elkhorn.   Susan feels being able to spend time with dogs is a privilege and takes  their happiness and safety very seriously.


Dawn  is another of one our ROCK STARS, always willing to go above and beyond  what is required and has a deep love and appreciation for our bond with  dogs.
She grew up in a small town just outside Madison, Wisconsin and always had pets, including dogs, a cat and many fish.
She graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater with a degree in Psychology and an emphasis in criminal justice.
Her  family moved to Omaha about 10 years ago, she is married and has two  boys ages 13 and 12.  They both play travel baseball, which keeps her  super busy but she absolutely loves it.  Dawn has an older chocolate lab  and adopted a boxer/lab mix from the Humane Society over the summer.  


Rebekah grew up having a huge heart for dogs and  did a variety of things dog related such as volunteering at the Humane  Society in high school, studied dog training and pet grooming. She took a  7 1/2 year hiatus to be a stay at home more to her two kids and then  decided it was time to start working with dogs again. Rebekah is  married, has two fur kids in addition to her two human kids and loves  spending time with family, reading books and plays softball in her free  time.

I am always impressed with Rebekah's work and her  communication skills.  She has a natural talent with dogs and is very  professional and dependable.


She is a junior at Millard North HS, we moved here from Wheaton, IL when she was 5. 
She has never been without a pet - we have had guinea pigs, hamsters, dogs  and even chickens.  In addition to her pets she volunteers with dog  rescue, so She has had plenty of experience with different types of  dogs. 
I am in  yearbook at school and enjoy writing articles and interviewing people  for stories.  And of course, in my spare time, playing with our various  pets!


 I have my Masters Degree in Public  Administration.  My background is in Respiratory Therapy and Pulmonary  Function testing. Until 2010 worked as a hospital manager over four  departments.  I had over 120 employees so feel I have adaptability,  flexibility and time management down pat.

Speaking  of flexibility, I have five kids. Three boys in college, one son is a  Junior in High school and my daughter is a sixth grader in middle  school. I live with my best friend boyfriend of 4 years. We currently  have 2 dogs:a pit/boxer mix and a Catahoula Leopard dog. Both adoptees  from the Humane Society. We recently had our Jack Russell (also a Humane  Society adoptee) cross the Rainbow Bridge. All of our dogs are special  needs-either severe environmental or food allergies, kidney and ear  defects and past behavioral issues. We also currently have three mice.  In the past we have had a host of guinea pigs, gerbils, dwarf hamsters  and hamsters, goldfish and Beta fish.

When  not dealing with my fur or non fur kiddos, I actively volunteer and  advocate with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. I help with our  annual run/walk fundraiser and awareness event. I also speak with  elected officials regarding legislature for cancer research funding. I  also am a fitness participant, enjoying weight lifting, cycling and any  activity out doors.


Growing up on a farm in rural NE, I was blessed to care  for animals of all shapes and sizes. Of those animals, my trusty collie  dog "Dude" was always more of a friend than a pet. 
I live in an  apartment in the city now, but still share my home with one fish, two  parakeets, and three spunky cats. Oh, and one wonderful husband!
When not walking dogs I stay busy as a musician, barista, and DJ.