Need a Warm Body at Night


How long are you at my House?

We guarantee 12 hours, additional time is an optional fee.

What if I have a cat, bird and dog? Do you charge more?

Nope!  The price is the same whether you have one dog or multiple pets

How many times will you come over during the day?

It depends on the add-on services purchased. We recommend 2-3 times a day.

Can you bring in our mail, take out the trash and water our plants?

Yes to all of the above.

Will anyone else be coming to our home?

No!  It is strict policy of Housebound Hounds that only the scheduled employee will be at your home.

My neighbors are going to let the dog out during the day, I just need someone at night. Okay?

Our insurance company does not want us job sharing for liability reasons, sorry.


I will be out of the country, what happens if there is an emergency?

We require an emergency contact that we can call  if an emergency should come up.  Emergency contacts should be someone  you trust to make decisions in your absence.