What Did Your Dog Do Today?

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Who Are Our Clients

Our 2 legged client's treat their dogs like children (or better) ...Feel guilt when they have to leave them ...Want to know about their baby's "bowel" movements during the day (LOL) ...Leave the TV on to keep them company ...Buy the best dog bed money can buy yet let them sleep in bed or lounge on the coach ...Have at least a dozen or so chewed up "squeaky free" toys laying around the house...

What Matters….

What is important to you is important to us.....Trust and Honesty. Two virtues that at times seem to fall by the wayside in the business world. We are passionate about helping fellow dog lovers and your peace of mind is what is important to us. Dogs are meant to bring joy into our lives, not stress and worry. Let us take the worry out of caring for your housebound hounds when you are busy with life, work and play......

Our Biz Is "Different"

We offer convenient online scheduling with our pet sitting software called Leash Time, where you can request dog walking or pet sitting from work, from the comforts of home or while on the go! Our team is made up of employees not independent contractors and it takes on average 4-6 months for me to find and hire the right person for the job. Many people apply to be part of our team.....few make the cut!

Let The Fur Fly

Our tagline is "What Did Your Dog Do Today?" and we LOVE to show you through photography, videos and our social media sites (FaceBook, YouTube & Google+) what your dog does while in our care. We will put a SMILE on your face with our daily updates. There's enough bad news out there... let's focus on what makes us happy! Our Housebound Hounds....

It's rare to find a business who can observe the needs of it's clients from all aspects. Not only do you care and nurture our pets...you even include the human side. We are so fortunate to have found you! Thank you for caring for our babies when we needed you most. The George Family....Elkhorn, Ne