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Who Are Our Clients?

You may think that anyone who owns a dog would be a potential customer, however our services aren't for just any dog owner. Those who hire us to love on their dogs understand the value of hiring a professional dog walking and pet sitting company to care for their fur kids and homes. Our clients range from busy DINKS (dual income no kids), include young families with kids still in school to retired couples that love to travel. You "get us", you can relate to us and we LOVE working for people who dote on their hounds.

What You Look For

As a pet parent myself it is important to me that anyone I leave my fur kids with are dependable, honest and trustworthy, this goes without saying. However there is more to pet care than just being professional and reliable. You want to connect with those who are caring for your fur baby, like attracts like. The business of pet sitting is a very personal service and we like to do business with those who share our belief that dogs are family!

You'll Appreciate This

Housebound Hounds offers convenient online scheduling where you can request dog walking or pet sitting from anywhere and anytime with ease. My team is made up of employees not independent contractors. Everyone goes through training, must follow company policies and procedures and is tested on dog behavior. All client information is kept secure by us using password protected software and keys are kept in safes while not in use.

Let Us Entertain You

Our lives would not be the same without our hounds entertaining us by their antics, quirks and at times a little mischief. So how does this relate to what we do? Our job is not only to care for your babies but to show you through pictures and videos of their time spent with us. If we can bring a smile to your face while you are hard at work or relaxing on vacation.....well that will just make our day!

It's rare to find a business who can observe the needs of it's clients from all aspects. Not only do you care and nurture our pets...you even include the human side. We are so fortunate to have found you! Thank you for caring for our babies when we needed you most. The George Family....Elkhorn, Ne