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Walking or Doggie Daycare?  Only you can make the choice to decide which is the better option for your fur kid.  We believe it is a  personal choice based on your dog(s) personality, age and health.  Here are some tips to help you decide.


  • ​Better suited for the multiple dog household and more affordable
  • Dog walking is great for the socially shy or dog aggressive pooches
  • If you worry about your fur kid getting sick from a doggie daycare
  • Older dogs tend to do better with dog walking because of health reasons
  • Puppies that are not fixed or have not received all their shots can't go to daycare just yet
  • Dogs who get nervous riding in cars, being away from home or become stressed in loud environments 
  • If you tend to worry about the possibility of dog fights breaking out or the number of staff per dog (supervision)
  • If your short on time during the day you don't need to schedule drop-off and pickup. We come right to your home.
  • If you are a control freak (like me) and like knowing that your baby is at home safe and sound

Your fur kid can have the best of  both worlds!  Dogs like people need some down time so if your dog likes  doggie daycare, schedule them to go to a daycare a few days out of the  week and then have Housebound Hounds come on their down days at home for  a walk.


Can you recommend any good dog trainers?

Can you recommend a good dog training book?

Do you have any references we can call?

Yes absolutely! We completely understand and would feel the same way. We will put you in touch with as many clients as we can.

We Are Growing!

You asked and we listened! We are adding new, highly qualified Pet Care Specialists and Walkers within the Omaha area. Please email if you are interested in finding out of we offer services in your neighborhood.

Common Questions

Are visits GPS tracked? - YES

Can I book more than one visit a day? - YES

Must a Pet Care Specialist/Walker spass a background check? - YES